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Ewelina Kryuke
We are extremely pleased with how clean the school playground now is. Blue lagoon have cleaned away all of the green moss and made the children's play equipment look brand new! We recommend Blue Lagoons team of cleaners.
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Exterior Building Restoration & Cleaning Services

Render Cleaning

Having the render cleaned on your property means...

  • Your dirty and stained building will no longer be an embarrassment.
  • The appearance of your building will be clean and sharp.
  • It will leave you and your customers amazed at how clean the building looks.
  • A happy looking building makes for a happy successfully business.
  • Your building will now set the standard for appearance.

Blue Lagoon Softwash takes care of the whole planning and cleaning of your render.

We are at the forefront of cleaning technology when it comes to cleaning render. We have highly skilled staff that will attend to all of the dirt, stains and grime on the face of your Building. Our process will leave your building looking shiny and new. This is the first choice when you want to bring your building back to life. This method stops the need to paint the building that will cause long term damage by trapping in algae and mould.

Our exterior cleaning methods are the best way to protect your building

The climate in the United Kingdom provides the perfect atmospheric conditions for bacteria to thrive on your building. Algae, moss and bacteria eat away at your building as they try to break the render down. All bacteria has a natural way of breaking your building down with decomposition. We have specialist staff that will attend to all of the dirt, stains and grime on the face of your render. Our process will leave your building looking shiny and new.

We can supply quotes for your building to suit your exact requirements, when we come out to complete as a site survey we also offer a free sample clean so you can see the results of having a professional render cleaning company – contact us now.

Our cleaning process leaves the building clean and sanitised up to 6 years. No building is safe from the attack of mould, mildew and moss. Over years the building will build up bacteria called gloecapsa magma. Once you have these spores on your building the climate will provide the conditions for it to multiply. We provide a professional service to treat this common pest that will not degrade or damage the building.

Blue Lagoon Softwash are one of the render cleaning leaders in the north west of England. Our render cleaning has gained the highest quality across Lancashire and Cumbria. Our cleaning technician will arrive on site to list to your requirements and provide a test clean.

Our Specialist Softwash equipment treats the render on your building by removing any stains, moss and algae.

When removing stains and bacteria from render you need Blue Lagoon Softwash. Most people will hire the wrong trade to do this highly specialised job. Your building is delicate and the wrong cleaning methods can leave you with a undesirable finish. We go to great lengths to provide a gentle and detailed clean. Once we have applied our specialist surfactants we can further clean the building with low pressure steam. This will blast the building and remove any remaining dirt and bacteria. The outstanding finish will speak for its self.

Render cleaning, exterior cleaning

When we arrive to quote for your building we will list any specific requirements needed. When it comes to the surface of a buildings exterior it is important that the correct assessment methods are put in place. A site visit and free test clean from us provides you with a view to how the job will look. Our cleaning techniques are the correct way to clean a building effectively. Other methods of cleaning such as power washing will not remove and kill bacteria spores. In fact this will just spread and condition them to return in a few weeks or months.

Blue Lagoon Softwash are one of the leaders in render cleaning, K rend cleaning and all other types of coloured render.

Soft washing Benefits

  • Removal of bacteria to your building
  • Clean and bright looking building
  • Prevents your building from being porous
  • Render will remain strong for longer
  • Your render will look new
  • Moss, algae and bacteria has gone

The products we use are fully bio degradable. You can have the confidence that our standards are set very high. The products we use have the highest standards that we can find and are backed by Goodstewards.

Why is it important to keep your render clean?

Your render acts as a media for moss and algae to colonise. Once you have the bacteria settling, the humidity and temperature in the UK will provide the perfect conditions for it to multiply. It is a fact that moss and algae will break down building materials as decomposition takes place. Soft washing your render will kill the bacteria deep beyond the surface and provide you with a bright shiny building.

How do you clean building render?

We use multiple methods to apply our soft wash solution. We can apply it by water fed pole, this is when a much more controlled application method is needed. We also apply by using our specialist soft wash lance. This is great for applying a good amount of a solution at a faster rate.

We never us high pressure cleaning for render! This will damage the surface. High pressure cleaning on render can leave unwanted tiger stripes that are permanent. This is why we can not stress enough that you hire us at Blue Lagoon Softwash to provide you with the best clean available.

Soft wash treatments for coloured K-Rend cleaning leave you with a finish that looks shiny and like new.

We can not wait to leave your building sparkling fresh.

Areas Of Coverage

Blue lagoon softwash covers, Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster, Carnforth, Garstang. Kendal, Barrow-in-Furness, Windermere, Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Bolton and the surrounding areas.

We clean

Petrol Stations, Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Offices, Schools, hospitals, Supermarkets, Shops, Showrooms, Care Homes, Commercial Buildings

What our Clients Think
The Lads at Blue Lagoon I couldn't recommend them highly enough! The walls on my house were really badly stained so I called Jamie and he came out to quote the work, explaining their process and outlining the tools and system they would use to ensure the results I was looking for. I had come across soft washing online and had seen the fantastic results it offers but I was truly blown away at the end results. After Jamie and Ben were finished it looked like it did the day I had it re-render. All the green and black staining of my walls were gone, even little the rust spots from my aerial were gone, which I didn't think was possible, cant fault their attention to detail. Cracking job lads!
Jonathan Woods
Cracking job! I call for my driveway to be pressure washed and when Jamie came to quote he explained that they use soft washing which will keep my driveway cleaner for longer and will stop the weeds from growing back if correctly maintained. They came to do the job and I couldn't be happier with it. Its been 6 months and usually my driveway is starting to get weedy again but there's still no signs. They are due again in about 6 months time to apply a maintenance coat which will keep my driveway clean. Cant put a price on the service and advise, brilliant! Thanks again see you guys soon!
Mr Kingsbury
Brand New. Me and my partner had just moved into a house in Windermere, the outside of the house was really dirty so we wanted to spruce it up. I could not believe how our home looked once Jamie and Ben had finished from top to bottom the house looked like it was brand new!! The roof, walls, guttering,they even restored all the window frames everything on the house looked like it was new. I could not recommend them enough, our house is semi detached and looking at next door it is hard to believe that they are the same building. So happy and its made our new home perfect
Holly Madison
We are extremely pleased with how clean the school playground now is. Blue lagoon have cleaned away all of the green moss and made the children's play equipment look brand new! We recommend Blue Lagoons team of cleaners.
Ewelina Kryuke

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