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A roof condition is the last thing on most property owners minds, as this is usually unseen and out of sight. Once you notice the infestation it's quite apparent that left untreated the growth will gradually worsening causing damage to the surface of the roof.

Roof cleaning methods

Our roof cleaning Van's in Barrow-in-Furness are equipped to deal with such infestations. All of our staff are experienced to clean your roof without ever stepping on your roof. The process of cleaning your roof first involves setting up a tower scaffold, this allows us to safely work from a mobile platform ensure the safety of our staff whilst on your property. Once erected we then manually scrap the roof free of moss and algae. We then harvest all of the biological growth from the roof and clear the gutters. Our last step is a non erosive, Soft washing  process. This is a biodegradable chemical solution that treats the roof and prevents regrowth of moss for 4-6 times longer than traditional pressure washing methods of cleaning.

Roof Infestation

Blue Lagoons roof cleaning specialists in Barrow-in-Furness will leave you moss and algae free. Usually the last thing on a properties owners mind, the roof. An out of sight out of mind attitude is normal. Once you notice the first sign of moss, this means your roof is slowly starting to become infested. Left untreated the biological growth will multiply until the whole roof space is covered in moss. Such growth slowly eats away at the surface of the roofing materials causing damage, especially towards any valleys where tiles / slates are more exposed. In worst cases where infestation has become quite substantial, issues can arise with the effectiveness of water drainage off the roof and cause cause water penetration inside the roof space. Our roof cleaning experts in Barrow-in-Furness will ensure a hassle free roof cleaning experience. call us today on 07498499508 for a free site survey and free sample patch.

Clean and Sanitise!

When thinking of roof cleaning in Barrow-in-Furness make sure the chosen professional also treats and sanities the surface! Traditional pressure washing techniques are dated cleaning method in external cleaning and do not offer long lasting results. Our specials soft washing techniques don't just clean your roof, we satanise and treat it. By apply a non erosive chemical application to the roof it allows us to treat the biological growth at its source, preventing regrowth in the future. We are so confident in our methods that we offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our roof cleans, any sign of a return of moss in that time period and we will come out free of charge to treat the area affected with regrowth.

Free Sample Clean

We have the confidence in our methods and products that we offer free sample cleans to show you the results you will be expecting if you choose an experienced roof cleaning professional. If you are interested get in touch to receive a free site quotation and sample clean. Call us today 07498499508.

Areas we cover

Kendal, Barrow-in-Furness, Coniston, Preston, Garstang, Galgate, Fulwood Blackpool  Poulton, Ulverston,  Lytham, Clitheroe, Brouhton, Bamber Bridge, Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster, Windermere and the whole of Lancashire and Cumbria.

What our Clients Think
The Lads at Blue Lagoon I couldn't recommend them highly enough! The walls on my house were really badly stained so I called Jamie and he came out to quote the work, explaining their process and outlining the tools and system they would use to ensure the results I was looking for. I had come across soft washing online and had seen the fantastic results it offers but I was truly blown away at the end results. After Jamie and Ben were finished it looked like it did the day I had it re-render. All the green and black staining of my walls were gone, even little the rust spots from my aerial were gone, which I didn't think was possible, cant fault their attention to detail. Cracking job lads!
Jonathan Woods
Cracking job! I call for my driveway to be pressure washed and when Jamie came to quote he explained that they use soft washing which will keep my driveway cleaner for longer and will stop the weeds from growing back if correctly maintained. They came to do the job and I couldn't be happier with it. Its been 6 months and usually my driveway is starting to get weedy again but there's still no signs. They are due again in about 6 months time to apply a maintenance coat which will keep my driveway clean. Cant put a price on the service and advise, brilliant! Thanks again see you guys soon!
Mr Kingsbury
Brand New. Me and my partner had just moved into a house in Windermere, the outside of the house was really dirty so we wanted to spruce it up. I could not believe how our home looked once Jamie and Ben had finished from top to bottom the house looked like it was brand new!! The roof, walls, guttering,they even restored all the window frames everything on the house looked like it was new. I could not recommend them enough, our house is semi detached and looking at next door it is hard to believe that they are the same building. So happy and its made our new home perfect
Holly Madison
We are extremely pleased with how clean the school playground now is. Blue lagoon have cleaned away all of the green moss and made the children's play equipment look brand new! We recommend Blue Lagoons team of cleaners.
Ewelina Kryuke

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